Alorte software aims to make business easier for every user. It adapts to the client's requirements and his business phases.

In addition to efficiency in organizing and managing documentation, there are also advantages of using the software:

• Digitization

This is the era of digitization and the situation with the pandemic itself has taught us that accessibility and work via the Internet is something that is considered literacy. Everyone had an office from their house, and this would not be possible if there were no web applications.

• Saving time and money

One-time investment in the purchase of software.

• Increasing productivity

You can access your documentation even when you are on the move, without going to the office. Several people can work from different locations at the same time, with personal access. It has been proven that entrepreneurs who have a flexible working environment and access to programs and necessary documents at all times are much more productive than those who have fixed working hours.

• Cooperation

An important reason for choosing the software is also business cooperation, as there is the possibility of coordination via the Internet with colleagues from the team, with a certain degree of security.

• Ease of access and security

Alorte allows access to your documents from all devices, and documents can be viewed in the software from different locations around the world. Work with files and multimedia contents is provided and all the popular formats mentioned are supported (pdf, docx, xlsx, jpg, png, gif, mp3, mp4). The user sees only his own data and does not have access to information that is not of his interest.

• Security

In case of an unpleasant situation, it is very important to ask yourself whether you have lost your documentation or have a backup copy. When you save documentation in the software, you don't have to worry, because your work won't stop if something unexpected happens.

• Project life cycle

The application completes work with the project from the moment of the offer, through the signing of the contract, to the last stage and presentation of the results. The contractor applies for the offered project. He sends his offer and waits for the outcome. After processing the offer and feedback, the selected contractor continues to manage his project through all phases within the same software.

• Unique database

Storing data on each computer separately leads to inconsistencies. The software provides a unique database that stores all information in one place, so that the data is always up-to-date.

• Reporting

The software enables data filtering and generation of various types of documents or reports in the most popular formats intended for this purpose.

Concept creator of the project
The original creators of the project are young members of the Zinat cooperative, eager to prove themselves, who decided to stay in Serbia and start their own businesses.
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