Rules of the cooperative


 Don't start a craft on your own, until you've mastered it well, until you've become well versed in the world, in good workshops, because your ignorance in this or that will only show itself and be avenged later.


 Keep honest and good tools in the workshop, because the folk proverb says very well, "Without tools, there is no craft". Just as a mill cannot grind well, so an artisan cannot make his handicrafts quickly or skillfully with weak and rusty tools.


 Be polite and pleasant to customers. Politeness and good behavior among people often contributes more to the progress of 
the craftsman than his products.


 It is better for you to have a smaller, but neater workshop, than a large and messy one, where unreliable workers work, without supervision, and trades, when they are launched in bulk, without proper accounting, will sooner fail than small ones that are alive and strong.


 Keep a good paper from your or a related profession, so that you can find out how your craft is developing and improving in the world, so you yourself, cautiously and slowly, will be able to introduce a new device, a method, etc. in your workshop.


If your work is going poorly, look for the reasons for it, then remove them, don't put the blame on others and don't forget that everyone is the maker of their own luck.


When your business goes well, don't get involved in any kind of business, but look forward to your work, increase and expand your workshop.
 Many a good craftsman has failed because -
 when his business was going well - he got involved in various enterprises and speculations, 
which they do not understand, and here he neglected his gold craft and rejected the world from him.


 Be accurate in production and deadlines. This is why many artisans turned customers away, as the world has become accustomed to the fact that with this and that craftsman , the matter is never finished by the time he promised.


 Pay your bills exactly, and don't get involved in big purchases of materials, tools, and things that your craft can't cover and that might later end up as dead money and even fail.


Team up with honest artisans, your friends in good artisan cooperatives, to get the material together, because you will get better and cheaper that way. In addition, in the cooperative with your comrades, you will have a fraternal meeting and agreement, so your time will pass far more usefully than perhaps in a suffocating and unhealthy party, where both body and soul are poisoned.

"The rules were established at the end of the 19th century during the reign of Miloš Obrenović"
Concept creator of the project
The original creators of the project are young members of the Zinat cooperative, eager to prove themselves, who decided to stay in Serbia and start their own businesses.
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